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Information is a huge commodity and people today are using books as a means of driving customers to their products and services. Of course, the fiction industry is alive and well with many hopeful authors seeking movid and television contracts. Whether you are interested in publishing fiction or non-fiction, we can assist you with your project.

Traditional Books

Traditional publishing companies are so busy these days that finding a door into their system takes nerves of steel and true perseverance. It's easier if your first work is self-published and you can prove you have a following of interested readers. folioflare can assist you with everything from book setup and cover design to ISBN registration, online publishing and marketing.


The easiest way to distribute your book is using electronic formatting. Ebooks a less expensive and don't require any shipping making them instantly aavailable to a wider audience. folioflare can set up your ebook for publication and give you options for quick and easy distribution.

Ghost Writing

Have a great book idea, but don't know how to put it to paper. We'll give you free tips and tricks as well as even write the book for you. Just ask us how.

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