One primary distinction between amateur and professional design is in the attention paid to detail. Whether in the form of a logo, font style, print graphic or a website, the creation of design involves many strategic decisions and opportunities for distinctive ebellishments.

Today's marketplace offers quick and easy tools for print and electronic media including templates and a plethora of free graphics, photos and information. Almost anyone can whip a website together within hours after watching a few short instructional videos. Custom work is often labeled as unnecessary and costly luxuries, but this mindset can also undermine the value of your company's niche, products and services. Websites should be showcases where your business impresses and attracts those consumers soon to become your best repeat customers.

When you invest in custom products from a reputable designer, you "own" the art created for you and can be assured that its originality will increase SEO (search engine optimization). While it may cost a bit more than the website your office worker, friend or relative created for you, the knowledge and unique flare of a professional will make your marketing piece stand out as more memorable and inviting. The details implemented will be reflect your personal tastes and preferences, your style and business savvy in ways greatly limited by stock tools and templates. Why settle for less?

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